Top 3 Ways to Recover Money from a Crypto Scam (in 2024)

The technological conditions for the rapid development of cryptocurrencies contributed to the creation of unique worlds of decentralized finance (DeFi). Crypto as a means of exchange has many advantages compared to fiat currencies and is quickly spreading throughout the world. Some new cryptocurrencies quickly find support in the crypto community, while others can not attract users and quickly leave the market. 

However, a more active spread of crypto is hampered not only by the position of some states but also by the machinations of crypto fraudsters. Even though they may not fundamentally disrupt the cryptocurrency market, they still cause many problems and frustration for crypto holders. Therefore, every crypto investor needs to know how to avoid crypto scams and counter fraudsters. If you have already suffered damage from a fraudulent scheme, you should know how to recover money from a crypto scam. Learn the three most effective ways to recover your digital assets and regain your confidence in dealing with crypto.

Why Is Fraud So Common in DeFi?

There are several fundamental reasons why the problem of crypto scams has become so painful and widespread.

Profitability of the Cryptocurrency Market

Fraudsters will not prey on innocent victims if they have nothing to profit from. The main attractor for scammers is the profitability of the cryptocurrency market.

  • An honest investor thinks about how to increase their assets by investing in a promising crypto project. If they are smart enough and properly react to market volatility, they can make significant profits.
  • Fraudsters realize how much money is circulating in this market and how many new investors are coming here. So, they are also looking for their profit. However, they want to make their profit not by analyzing market fluctuations and honestly trading but by promoting various fraudulent schemes.

Lack of Regulation

One of the fundamental ideas underlying the development of DeFi is the desire to escape total supervision by the state and banks over all transactions of citizens. However, the strong side of crypto contains a weak point. In the case of DeFi, it becomes difficult to appeal to government authorities to protect your interests in case of fraud. Therefore, there are two main scenarios for countering scammers:

  • Creation of a single central authority that would oversee crypto transactions and prevent fraud. However, this undermines the very idea of ​​creating independent crypto projects.
  • Further development and self-organization of the crypto community to find effective measures to identify and prevent scams. This scenario allows you to maintain independence and, at the same time, protect the interests of crypto users.

Lack of Knowledge

Fraudsters primarily target novice investors or those who do not have deep knowledge of how financial markets work. Moreover, they often bring the same schemes that work in the fiat currency market but adapt them to new crypto conditions. 

  • Therefore, those traders who are experienced in fraudulent schemes on the fiat currencies market will easily see signs that they are being scammed. 
  • Those crypto users who do not take into account the scam factor often become victims of scammers.

Is It Possible to Recover Money from a Crypto Scam?

The issue of recovery of digital assets worries victims no less than the desire to punish criminals and make sure they cannot continue to deceive others. The prospects for recovery today are much more confident than just a few years ago. However, you need to understand that the likelihood of a full return of stolen crypto will vary depending on a group of factors:

  • In what jurisdiction did the fraudulent incident occur? The specific jurisdiction affects whether legal action is possible.
  • How soon did you report crypto scam? The sooner you detect a scam, the greater the chance of getting your money back. The best option is when you reveal a scam even before you lose money and help others discover scammers.
  • What kind of fraudulent scheme was used? The more common scheme was applied in your case, the more effective tools you can use to get your money back. If this is a new unique technology, the recipe for recovering crypto may be developed right in the process. However, in this case, its effectiveness will be difficult to predict.

If you are lucky and all these factors work in your favor, the probability of recovering the entire amount of crypto is very high. If any of the factors is against you, this does not mean that the case is hopeless. However, in this case, it is more likely that you will receive part of the lost amount. But even this option is much better than simply agreeing that your crypto has gone to dishonest people.

Who Can Help in the Case of Losing Crypto from Fraud

Report Scammed Bitcoin (RSB) 

The best way to react to crypto cheating is to appeal to a community of crypto enthusiasts specializing in identifying scams and returning funds. One such effective organization is Report Scammed Bitcoin (RSB). The company brings together professionals in various fields to investigate fraudulent cases and return lost funds. RSB advises affected users after carefully studying all the details of the case. In addition, RSB connects applicants with organizations that can help with their specific cases.

For the RSB team to start working, you need to file a complaint, attaching as much information as possible on your case. After careful study and comprehensive investigation, you will be offered a customized solution that will help you recover stolen crypto, if not the entire amount, then at least a large part of it.

Consulting services are provided free of charge, so before you pay third parties, you will know how likely it is to get your crypto back and what part of the amount stolen will be returned to you.

Legal Actions

You can initiate a civil lawsuit to demand compensation from an individual or legal entity that caused you harm during crypto deals. This option can also be successful, but turning to the judicial system in case of a scam has several limitations:

  • Lawyers’ fees and litigation costs may be so high that it may be easier for you to accept theft.
  • Litigation can be very lengthy and leave you with little confidence in future crypto deals in the interim.
  • The possibility of cryptocurrency claims depends on the presence of procedural ground rules in the legislation. If the jurisdiction does not provide them, you simply will not be able to initiate legal action.

Consumer Protection Organizations

There are several other organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, that you can appeal to in case of scams. 

  • If you prefer contacting government agencies, this may be the financial local or national ombudsman. 
  • If you prefer cooperation with civil society organizations, choose non-profit groups. They can provide assistance both in informing crypto users about possible fraudulent schemes and in preparing appeals to law enforcement agencies. Such non-profit organizations perform an essential educational function in relation to the return of crypto. However, they act rather as intermediaries, providing mediation services.

Even if you have not been a victim of fraud, it is worth contacting non-profit groups for educational materials on how to protect yourself from fraud. Such materials are provided free of charge, but their effect is significant in guaranteeing security when conducting crypto deals.

Which Crypto Recovery Method to Choose

The support of professionals in such a difficult situation as fraud is needed not only from a financial but also from a psychological point of view. If you have never had to seek help regarding crypto scam recovery, the best place to start is to consult with specialists. Especially if the consultation is provided free of charge, as is the case with Report Scammed Bitcoin (RSB). 

RSB specialists will carefully study your problem based on the information provided and recommend the option that guarantees the fullest possible recovery. You will also be able to estimate how much you will have to spend to return the stolen crypto and how long the process may take. Having all the information, you will make a choice in favor of the most cost-effective recovery method.

Conclusion: Prospects for Combating Crypto Fraud

Since the problem of possible or already occurred crypto fraud worries many users, intensive work on this issue is being carried out in several directions:

  • Strengthening the cohesion of the crypto community to identify and prevent fraudulent schemes. Crypto enthusiasts actively inform others about potential threats and the sequence of actions in case of detection of scammers.
  • Carrying out legislative reforms that will take into account the realities of the digital era and new forms of crime when conducting deals with crypto.
  • Development and use of AI to solve issues related to cybersecurity. AI will help accurately identify criminals’ chains of actions and lead to those users who committed crimes.
  • Also, due to the growing demand for crypto recovery services, the number of companies that will provide them will increase. The work of professionals will help victims of crypto fraud not only recover lost funds but also learn to identify potential threats. Contacting such companies for advice may become a necessity for inexperienced traders and investors. Having received comprehensive information about potential threats, they will learn to distinguish and avoid them when making transactions in the cryptocurrency market.

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