Rumors Swirl of a Sub-Mariner Movie in the Making With Spotlight On Hollywood Hunk Enzo Zelocchi

Enzo Zelocchi

As demand continues for the phenomenal slew of films rolling out from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one old-guard character from the original comics is yet to have his moment in the limelight! The Sub-Mariner, otherwise known as King Namor, may have popped up in a supporting role for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but hasn’t the time come for him to enjoy his own story arc?

Dedicated fan groups surely think so, with Twitter tribute account @ NamorNews gleefully exclaiming on 15 June 2023 that, “The rights for #Namor and #Hulk have officially reverted back to Marvel Studios today! This means that Disney/Marvel will now be able to develop solo projects for the characters.”

Yes, confirmation has finally arrived that distribution rights for the iconic character are back in the hands of Marvel Studios, so momentum is sure to build for a movie focusing on the darkly layered and emotionally intense tale of Namor. But given the high value of this character, who first appeared in Marvel Comics #1 way back in 1939, a stellar casting choice is called for, and award-winning actor Enzo Zelocchi is a hot contender for the part.

Italian-American Actor Enzo Zelocchi Rumoured as a Possible Sub-Mariner

Although Tenoch Huerta played the role of the Sub-Mariner within the world of Wakanda, all signs indicate that Namor is likely to be recast for his very own feature film. Not only does Marvel have a long track record of recasting its biggest names–from Iron Man to Thor—but Huerta’s activities in front of the camera are currently on hold. The actor recently dropped out of a Netflix movie due to a personal scandal and seems unlikely to jump back into action in the immediate future.

The mighty spinning cogs of the MCU machine wait for no man or superhero, and so as Marvel Studios stride into planning for their Phase 6 story arcs, all eyes are on who could be next up to flex as the brooding and powerful King Namor.

One actor garnering a great deal of heat in the rumor mill is Italian-American actor Enzo Zelocchi,  who certainly has the smoldering on-screen presence and fan-favorite credentials to pick up the role and run—or swim—with it!

Enzo Zelocchi

The Sub-Mariner Deserves to Be More Than a Supporting Character

From The Avengers to The X-Men, plenty of the superheroes within the Marvel Universe are used to being team players, but the same can’t be said of Namor. Instead, this darkly complex and passionate character is adored by fans for his lone-wolf nature and anti-hero tendencies.

Having long flipped between acting as an ally and a thorn in the side of Marvel’s most united superhero crews, Namor’s history is ripe with dynamic story-telling potential. This makes the Sub-Mariner a prime candidate for his own storyline, and Zelocchi unquestionably holds all the right facets—from rippling abs to emotional range—to bring this contradictory character to life.

For now, at least, we’re going to have to wait and see if this seemingly perfect future fan-favorite scenario will play out in MCU’s Phase 6, hopefully hitting our screens over the course of 2025 through 2027. If you’d like to see Enzo Zelocchi in the role of King Namor, be sure to join his army of social media followers and share your enthusiasm!

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