Artimization Exposed: A Personal Account of Deceptive Practices

In the world of online business, integrity and trust are the bedrock of any successful transaction. Unfortunately, some service providers, such as Artimization, have taken advantage of these principles, leaving their clients feeling deceived and defrauded. This blog post aims to shed light on the fraudulent practices I experienced with the scam company Artimization. By sharing a detailed account, I hope to help others avoid similar scams.

The Initial Engagement

My engagement with Artimization and Vizaca Co-Founder Mr.Haris began in March 2022, driven by their enticing promise to publish articles on, website. As per the listings on the Artimization website, they assured me that the articles would remain on permanently and also they promised that every article would be published in 3 hours.


VIP Membership Terms

This guarantee of permanence was one of the critical factors that influenced my decision to proceed with their services.

Payment Proof

I paid the required VIP Membership fees upfront in full via Payoneer to Artimization through the link they provided.

Artimization – payment proof

Artimization initially fulfilled its promise partially by publishing my articles but not on time as they initially agreed. However, this facade of professionalism quickly crumbled.

The Scam Unveils

In 2024, my profile and published articles mysteriously disappeared from When I reached out to Artimization and Vizaca Co-Founder Mr Haris, for an explanation, they offered a series of dubious excuses. They claimed they had no control over’s content and blamed the removal on the website undergoing a Google review process. Despite their assurances that the articles would be reinstated, months passed without any resolution.

Unprofessional Communication

The communication with Artimization only added to my frustration. When I demanded a refund or the immediate reposting of my articles, their responses were evasive and unprofessional. They shifted the blame to’s management, distancing themselves from any responsibility. This behavior highlighted a disturbing lack of accountability, further reinforcing my suspicion of being scammed.

Deletion of Payment Page – Highlight of Very Unprofessional Behavior

When I pointed out that I had made the payment through the link available on the Artimization site, they immediately deleted the payment page from their website.

haris co-founder artimization deleted vizaca payment link

This action was highly suspicious and further confirmed my concerns about their legitimacy. The attempt to erase any trace of the payment link demonstrated their cunning strategy to cover their tracks and avoid accountability. This blatant disregard for transparency and ethical conduct made it undeniably clear that Artimization was operating with deceitful intentions.

artimization deleted vizaca membership page to hide their scam evidence

Documenting Evidence

Luckily, I saved a few screenshots of the payment page before it was deleted, which proved to be invaluable. Additionally, had saved the payment page and link in their archive, providing further proof of the transaction. These pieces of evidence were critical in substantiating my claims against Artimization. The screenshots captured the details of the payment process, while the archived page confirmed that the payment link was indeed accessible on Artimization’s website at the time of the transaction. This documentation not only validated my experience but also served as concrete evidence of Artimization’s attempt to erase their tracks of Scam.

Red Flags and Lessons Learned

Reflecting on my interactions with Artimization, several red flags became apparent:

  1. Lack of Ownership: Although, I purchased a Vizaca VIP Membership from the payment link available on the Artimization website but Artimization’s refusal to take responsibility for the published content on indicated a lack of control and authority over the services they purportedly offered.
  2. Poor Communication: The evasive and inconsistent responses from Artimization suggested a deliberate attempt to mislead and confuse.
  3. Unfulfilled Promises: The discrepancy between their promises and actual outcomes showcased a pattern of deceptive practices.

Protecting Yourself from Scams

To avoid falling victim to similar scams, it is crucial to take the following precautions:

  1. Conduct Thorough Research: Before engaging with any service provider, research their background, read reviews, and seek verifiable references.
  2. Demand Transparency: Ensure the service provider outlines clear terms and conditions, including ownership and responsibility for the services offered.
  3. Protect Your Payment: Utilize payment methods that offer buyer protection and maintain records of all transactions and communications.

Reporting the Issue

When dealing with fraudulent activities, it is crucial to report the issue to the appropriate authorities and platforms to prevent further victimization. If you’ve encountered similar behavior with Artimization or any other dubious service provider, consider taking the following steps:

  1. Contact the Payment Provider: Report the issue to your payment provider to dispute the transaction and seek a refund.
  2. Notify Consumer Protection Agencies: File a complaint with consumer protection agencies to bring attention to the fraudulent practices.
  3. Review and Alert Others: Share your experience through reviews and social media to alert potential victims and increase awareness.
  4. Legal Action: Consult with a legal professional to explore your options for pursuing legal action against the fraudulent company.


Given my experience, I cannot in good conscience recommend Artimization to anyone. The risk of falling victim to their dubious practices is too high, and the lack of transparency and accountability makes it impossible to rely on their commitments. Instead, I urge you to seek out reputable service providers who value honesty and transparency in all their dealings. Protect yourself by conducting thorough research and demanding evidence of credibility before engaging with any online service. If you have faced similar issues, sharing your story can help build a community of informed individuals who stand against unethical business practices.

Final Words

In light of Artimization’s behavior throughout my engagement with them, it is clear that their practices are unprofessional and deceptive. Their inability to uphold promises, evasive communication, and efforts to obscure evidence demonstrate a profound lack of integrity and accountability. These experiences have severely damaged any trust I might have had in their services.

Note: I shared my personal experience backed by complete proof. if you have any doubts or queries reach out at

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